What to look for in a good repair shop

There are a lot of competent mechanics out there, but like any profession, there are also some bad apples who have no desire to do work properly and they just rip you off. A good mechanic can save you a tremendous number of headaches and money and is thus a valuable asset to have in your life. How does one find a trustworthy automotive professional? Here [...]

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The Benefits of Having Your Car Serviced Regularly

The Benefits of Having Your Car Serviced Regularly For a lot of people, car maintenance is nothing more than filling up fuel tank, or maybe an occasional engine oil change. [...]

The History of Florence, SC

It is not a city founded by accident but it was not really deliberate either, the history of Florence is a bit intriguing though. It was originally meant as a railway terminal [...]

Savvy Magazine Feature

Our owner, Zach, was recently featured in Savvy Magazine here in Florence, SC. Check it out! [...]

VIP Magazine Feature

We were recently featured in VIP Magazine with a great write up about our owner, Zach. We would love for you to check it out and let us know what you think! LAUNCH-4 [...]